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Zamp OBSIDIAN® SERIES 45 Watt PT20 Portable Kit - Regulated

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Overview — Zamp OBSIDIAN® SERIES 45 Watt PT20 Portable Kit - Regulated

Our OBSIDIAN® SERIES Portable Kit is the perfect on-the-go power solution to charge your next adventure.  It features patented low-profile solar panels to provide the ultimate flexibility and durability in a mobile and off-grid solar charger.  These Made in USA panels are handcrafted in Bend, Oregon using premium materials and precision manufacturing techniques to meet your off-grid power needs and exceed your expectations. 

Perfect for tight storage spaces in vans and Overlanding trailers, and ultimate versatility, the OBSIDIAN® SERIES portable kits are low profile, robust, & lightweight.  The OBSIDIAN® SERIES portable kits are 50% lower profile than our Legacy Series Portable Kits.  OBSIDIAN® SERIES Portable Kits feature an integrated carry case that doubles as a quick-deploy adjustable stand.  Slim anodized aluminum carry handle makes handling a breeze.   The Tactical Carry Case utilizes an integrated storage bag to hold all the necessities and the case lays flat to maximize storage potential.

Solar Panel: The 45-watt solar panel is the perfect size for small power applications or supplementing additional power on the fly to existing applications from small RVs, Vans, and over-the-cab truck campers. Weighing just 12.5 pounds, this panel produces ample power to weight/size ratio.

Charge Controller: This kit is managed by the PulseTech (PT20) weather-resistant 20-amp charge controller. The controller features magnetic feet for the ultimate versatility to monitor battery condition. The PT20 charge controller will automatically control the solar charging energy to protect AGM, Gel, Wet, and Lithium batteries.

The PT20 controller has patented Pulse Technology. A lead acid battery's loss of power over time is caused by the build-up of sulfate crystals that must be removed to allow more room for energy storage. The pulsed waveform of a fine tuned amplitude and frequency has been proven to remove sulfation from the battery plates and return the lead sulfate back to the electrolyte solution increasing battery life and capacity.  

Temperature Sensor: The ultra-rugged "all-weather" PT20 comes with a temperature sensor. If using a Lead Acid or AGM battery, connect the temperature sensor to the charge controller and then tape the ring terminal side of the temperature sensor to the side or the top of your battery. This is not necessary for charging but if the portable system is being used to maintain a battery over the long term it enables more accurate changes to the charging profile over all temperature ranges.

Kit Includes (USP2005):

  • Patented Zamp Solar  OBSIDIAN® SERIES 45-Watt Solar Panel
  • Tactical All-Weather Integrated Carry Case
  • Quick Deploy System with Multiple Stand Blocks.
  • Padded Ballistic-Nylon Accessory Pocket
  • Magnetically Mounted Pulse Tech 20 Amp Controller
  • 15' portable ATP to ATP Extension Cable
  • 9' ATP to Pre Fused (12-AWG) Ring Terminal Battery Wire Connection
  • 6” ATP Fused Alligator Clamps (Direct to battery connection)
  • 6” ATP-Zamp Solar SAE Adaptor
  • 6" ATP to Wire with Butt Splices
  • 9' Battery Temperature Sensor (Lead Acid, AGM Battery Compatible)

    Kit Tech Specs:
    Weight: 12.5 lbs
    Dimensions: 32” tall x 15.5” wide x 2” thin
    Wattage: 45-Watt Power Output
    Output: Generates 2.37 amps
    Open Circuit Voltage: 24.35 volts
    Warranty: 25-Year output warranty

    an RV, a charge, controller, and asolar panel

    Resources — Zamp OBSIDIAN® SERIES 45 Watt PT20 Portable Kit - Regulated

    Warranty — Zamp OBSIDIAN® SERIES 45 Watt PT20 Portable Kit - Regulated

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    FAQs — Zamp OBSIDIAN® SERIES 45 Watt PT20 Portable Kit - Regulated

    Q: Can I connect two charge controllers to the same battery bank (e.g. combine a roof mount system and a portable kit)?

    Answer: Yes, two independent charge controllers can be connected directly to the battery as long as both controllers are set to the same battery type. The charge controllers will not work properly if wired in series, one to the other.

    Q: Is the Zamp Solar port reverse polarity?

    Answer: No, but they are different from other brands of solar ports because all of our SAE plugs are polarity-protected for safety reasons. That means the positive pin on all of our SAE plugs is set back and covered to prevent accidental contact that could damage your panel, short your battery, or give you a pretty nasty shock. So, because of the polarity protection on our plugs, Zamp Solar ports are only compatible with Zamp Solar SAE plugs.

    Q: What does the b01 601 error message on my charge controller mean?

    Answer: This common error code means the charge controller can’t see the battery bank. The most common cause of this is a bad connection between the charge controller and the battery bank

    Q: Why are your portable kits more expensive than the other brands on the market?

    Answer: Our products are designed and handcrafted in the United States with the highest quality materials available on the market. Every single panel is signed by the person who assembled it at our headquarters in Bend, Oregon. Our solar products are built to last. We have a 25-year output warranty—the best in the industry—because we stand by our product. Every detail of our solar products is designed to make sure your solar investment goes the distance with you. Our products are made with locally sourced materials whenever possible. In an effort to support our local economy and create U.S. jobs, we source from Oregon whenever possible (for example, the aluminum for our panel frames is sourced in Oregon). If we can’t find something in the Pacific Northwest we try to source it from the U.S. (most of our cables and wiring is made in Chicago). The materials we do source internationally are the best in the world. Our products are innovative. We nerd out on the science of trying to make the most innovative, most efficient, and most durable off-grid solar products ever... because these are the products that fuel our lives too. Solar is an investment… buy it once and buy it right. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

    Q: Why isn’t my solar system charging my battery?

    Answer: When a solar system isn’t working, the most common culprit is a wiring problem. Our troubleshooting document can help you identify the disconnect and get it fixed. If you’re still having issues, please contact us for further assistance.

    Q: What batteries should I use?

    Answer: Any type of 12-volt deep cycle battery (lithium, gel, AGM, conventional lead-acid (wet), and calcium) will work with your Zamp Solar system. If you choose to go with two 6-volt batteries, make sure that you use two of them wired in series to create a 12-volt battery bank.

    Q: What size kit do I need to power my RV?

    Answer: Everybody’s needs are different, but we can certainly provide some insight into what size solar kit typically works for various sizes of RVs. Check out our infographic to see which of our kits might work best for you.

    Q: I have a Zamp Solar Ready sticker on the side of my RV, what does that mean?

    Answer: If an RV is “solar ready,”it means that the RV came pre-wired for our solar products with either a 3-port roof cap, a single port roof cap, or a side-wall port. However, each manufacturer does it slightly differently—some include full wiring, while others only wire from the roof to the batteries.

    Q: How do I clean Zamp Solar portable kits?

    Answer: Clean the solar panels with a good quality glass cleaner such as Perfect Glass applied with a soft cloth. For stubborn tree sap or pitch, remove with 100% isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth.

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    Customer Reviews

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