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Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RSP200DB-72-US)

by Renogy
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Overview — Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RSP200DB-72-US)

The Renogy 200W Lightweight Monocrystalline Solar Panel enhances module efficiency while minimizing its weight. It is the perfect option for any off-grid solar system, especially for transportation applications such as RVs and boats. This solar panel frame features a lightweight substrate and laminate, perfect for outdoor applications.

This solar panel combines high efficiency (PERC) monocrystalline solar cells with half-cut cell technology to improve electrical performance and power generation efficiency. This panel comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, solar connectors, and a junction box that allows easy and fast installation.

Perfect for Curved Surfaces

It works with most curved surfaces as it can be bent within 240 degrees.

Reliable & Durable

This Renogy Solar Panel can provide an average of 1000 Watt-hours of electricity per day (depending on sun availability). It offers 5-year material and workmanship warranty and has passed the CE test. This solar panel frame features a lightweight substrate and laminate, perfect for outdoor applications.

Extreme Weather Endurance

Withstand up to 5400 Pa of heavy snow load and up to 2400 Pa of high wind load. Provide excellent durability in a harsh environment.

Safety Protection

When there is no sun exposure, the diode prevents reverse current flow from the battery to the solar panels, to avoid current damage to your solar panels.

Ready for Installation

This Renogy solar panel comes with pre-drilled holes for quick installation. Besides, it can also be bonded to the surface by using silicone adhesive or velcro. The solar connector cables are 12AWG 27.6 in long without worrying about length limitations.

Waterproofness and Extendibility

The IP67 rated waterproof junction box and solar connectors ensure that water and dust will not enter during extended outdoor use. Cables attached on the back with Solar Connectors are ready for connection and extension.

Resources — Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RSP200DB-72-US)

Documents — Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RSP200DB-72-US)

📊 Data Sheet — Renogy Flexible Solar Panels (RSP200DB-72-US) 🎖️ Warranty — Renogy Flexible Solar Panels (RSP200DB-72-US)

Warranty — Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RSP200DB-72-US)

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Specs — Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RSP200DB-72-US)

Output Cables 12 AWG (2.3 ft)
Cell Type Monocrystalline(6.5x3.3)
Number of Cells 72(18x4)
Junction Box IP68
Solar Connectors IP67
Maximum Power at STC 200W
Module Efficiency 16.7%
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) 20.1V
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 23.9V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp) 10.02A
Short Circuit Current 10.74A
Operating Temperature -40°F to 176°F (-40ºC to +80ºC)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A
Maximum System Voltage 600V DC
Certifications ETL Listed [UL-458],CE and RoHS compliant,FCC Class B Part 15 Compliant,ISO9001
Weight 4.9 kg / 10.8 lbs
Dimensions 1605 x 748 x 3 mm (63.2 x 29.4 x 0.1 in)
Material and workmanship warranty 5 years
Performance Warranty 5 year 95% output warranty 10 year 90% output warranty 25 year 80% output warranty
Voltage 12V
Watt 200W

FAQs — Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel (RSP200DB-72-US)

Q: What’s the difference between flexible solar panels and rigid solar panels?

Answer: Flexible solar panels and rigid solar panels have the same function of generating electricity from the sunlight but they come to the table a bit differently. Flexible solar panels are thin, light, and bendable (flexible), while rigid solar panels are encased in glass (and, most often, have a metal frame).The lightweight and flexible solar panels are lightweight and thin, giving them a clear edge in the discussion of flexible solar panels vs. rigid. Heavy things are a nemesis for RVers – we like things that don’t increase the weight we’re carrying around. They can adjust to the contour of a curved roof or even to the front cap of a 5th wheel. They’re far more adaptable than rigid panels are.Learn more from Renogy Learning Center

Q: Can I combine flexible and rigid solar panels?

Answer: Yes. As long as the specs match. If you have two different types of solar panels with the same voltage but different wattage, there is no problem with being wired in parallel.

Q: hat wattages does Renogy offer?

Answer: Renogy offers 50, 100, 175, and 200 watts flexible and lightweight solar panels to meet all your needs.

Q: Can I walk on flexible solar panels?

Answer: We suggest not. Walking on solar panels will exert excessive pressure on a small area, it may cause cracks and damage to the panel.

Q: Why are my solar panels underproducing?

Answer: The performance of a solar panel may be hindered for a number of reasons. Most commonly environmental conditions, such as indirect sunlight, temperature rise, cloudy sky, and dirt and stain build up on the top, which can lead to a lower efficiency

Q: How can I connect solar panels to my electrical circuit (series vs parallel)?

Answer: Solar panels can be connected in series or in parallel to meet your electrical circuit size and power demands.In series: the operating voltage output adds up, while the system current output is the same as that of one panel.In parallel: the operating current output will add up, while the system voltage output will be the same as the output of one solar panel.To achieve optimum power output and system rating for your power system, you can use both parallel and series connections.

Q: How many solar panels do I need?

Answer: The best way to gauge how many solar panels you need is to understand the power load needed for your system.Power is measured in watts, and the capacity is commonly measured in Watt-hours (multiplying power output in watts by the required number of hours of operation multiplied by a safety factor of 1.5-2). Therefore, it is wise to size your battery bank first based on the minimum required capacity, and then accordingly, decide how much input power and how many panels are needed.

Q: Will this panel produce power in overcast conditions?

Answer: Yes, it will. Made of high-quality materials, this Renogy solar panel still works during cloudy weather conditions. But please note that the power conversion is not as high as on sunny days.

Q: Do solar panels require maintenance? Can I wash my solar panels?

Answer: Generally, solar panels require maintenance because if a lot of dirt or stain piles up on top or in corners, the conversion of sunlight will be affected, resulting in lower efficiency. As for how to clean solar panels, you can use a microfiber cloth, glass cleaner, and water.

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