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MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen 12,000 BTU 1 Ton Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump - 230V/60Hz

by MrCool
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Overview — MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen 12000 BTU

This system is meant to be installed by a HVAC technician. The newly designed 3rd generation Advantage Series, with improved efficiency ratings up to 19 SEER, delivers high performance comfort from the moment it's activated. And its competitive price makes it a consumer favorite that's tough to beat. The MRCOOL Advantage condenser and wall mounted air handler is an ideal combination of superior product quality, energy efficiency, quiet operation, and financial value. The condenser incorporates a high performance compressor with eco-friendly, chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant. The MRCOOL Advantage is the clear choice for consumers who want to combine superior interior comfort with environmentally friendly technology. The MRCOOL Advantage now includes the new SmartHVAC WiFi control module that features an easier setup process, improved functionality, and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Resources — MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen 12000 BTU

Warranty — MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen 12000 BTU

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Features — MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen 12000 BTU

  • Installation kit included
  • Gold fin condenser: corrosion resistant - live on the coast? Don't worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion
  • The new 3rd generation Advantage systems include our SmartHVAC WiFi Control Module with improved setup and enhanced functionality for Apple and Android smart devices. Works with Amazon Alexa. Works with Google Assistant.
  • Installation by a licensed professional required where applicable
  • 1-Year Compressor, 2-Year Parts and 1-Year Remote Warranty when registered and when installed by a licensed professional
  • R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Sleep mode, louver position memory, and auto restart functions
  • Convenient for installation and maintenance, compact design of outdoor unit, totally enclosed, permanently lubricated condenser fan motor

Specs — MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen 12000 BTU

General Specs

Model A-12-HP-230B
Zones 1
Cooling Capacity 12000 BTU (approx. 500 sq ft)
Heating Capacity 11800 BTU (approx. 500 sq ft)
Energy Efficiency 19 SEER
Heating Efficiency 9.5 HSPF
Tonnage 1
Min Ambient Temperature 5 Degrees F
EStar Certified No
AHRI Certified Yes

Indoor Unit (Air Handler) Specs

Model A-12-HP-WMAH-230B
Color White
Air Flow Direction 4-way
Speeds 4 (Variable)
Oscillation Yes
Control LED/Remote App
Compatibility iOS, Android
Depth 7.44
Width 31.57
Height 11.69
Weight 18.96

Outdoor Unit (Condenser) Specs

Model A-12-HP-C-230B
Compressor Type Inverter
Phase 1
Cycle 60 Hz
Max Fuse Breaker 15 A
Min Circuit Ampacity 15 A
Refrigerant Type R-410A
Refrigerant Capacity 33.9 oz
Decibel Rating 25/-/40.5 dBA
Depth 13.11
Height 21.81
Width 31.5
Weight 67

Install Kit (Line Set) Specs

Length 16 Ft
Liquid Line Fitting 3/8 in
Liquid Line Size 1/4 in
Suction Line Fitting 5/8 in
Suction Line Size 1/2 in

FAQs — MrCool Advantage 3rd Gen 12000 BTU

Q: Is this a DIY unit or do i need a technician to install?

Answer: The Advantage series is meant to be installed by a technician, the lines do not come pre-charged. If. you would like a model with pre-charged lines, try the MrCool E-Star DIY series.

Q: How well does the heating work on this model?

Answer: Unless you are in an extreme cold climate, all MrCool Mini-Splits have heating that should work for you. If you need additional heating capacity for below zero temperatures, then the MrCool Hyper-Heat Series is what you need.

Q: Why is the warantty for this item shorter than the usual 5-7years for MrCool products?

Answer: Different product lines from MrCool come with different warranties, the Advantage series is their entry level product and as such has the shortest warranty (and for thsat reason, it is the cheapest). If you would like a longer warranty, we reccomend the MrCool Olympus series instead

Q: Does this unit include both the condenser AND the air handler?

Answer: Yes, this unit is complete with both the indoor and outdoor components?

Q: Can I purchase the condenser or air handler separately?

Answer: We do not offer them separately via the website in order to avoid confusion. If you would like just one of the components you can contact our chat support and we will be happy to work with the manufacterer to get you a custom order.

Q: Can I add another air handler to the condenser later?

Answer: No, this is not a multi-zone unit. if you need a multi-zone unit, contact our chat support and we can help you.

Q: Does this come with all the parts needed for installation?

Answer: This system itself is complete, but depending on where you intend to mount it you may need additional hardware. Also, the lines do not come precharged, so the technician will need to charge them for you at the time of install. Ask your technician if you need to provide any tooling for them to do so.

Q: Do the electrical connections need to be hardwired?

Answer: Yes, electrical connetions for this unit need to be hardwired, there are no plugs or anything like that.

Q: Is the warranty voided if I install this myself?

Answer: For the DIY series ONLY, the warantty is written with the intention for the homeowner to install it. If you purchase Advantage or Olympus series, installing yourself will void the warranty.

Q: Is a mounting bracket included?

Answer: No, because of the wide variety of install situations we cannot provide a "one size fits all" mounting bracket. However, it should be easy to find an appropriate one at your local hardware store.

Q: Is the wall sleave for containing the line set included?

Answer: Yes

Q: Can I have a 16 ft line set instead of 25

Answer: Yes, contact our chat support and we will be happy to put in a custom order that suits your needs.

Q: Can I get a line set in a different size? the one in the table above will not work for my home.

Answer: MrCool offers two sizes of line sets, 25ft and 16ft. if neither of those suit your needs you may need to get a technician that can help you adjust the lines.

Q: If you disconnect the line sets after use do they need to be recharged?

Answer: It depends but most likely yes. In particular if you have been actively using the unit, expect to need to recharge them.

Q: How expensive is installation usually if i use a technician?

Answer: it varies from state to state but expect it to be a few hundred dollars.

Q: Can the condenser be mounted against an exterior wall or does it need air flow on all sides?

Answer: Yes, it can be mounted on the side of your house.