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Eccotemp ESH 4.0 Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater

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Overview — SmartHome 4.0 Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater with Voice Commands

The Eccotemp ESH-4.0 SMARTHOME Mini Tank Water Heater is the most advanced mini water heater on the market. With our Patent Pending SMARTHOME technology individuals can unleash features once only dreamed about. This SMARTHOME Mini Tank Water Heater features smart button technology, voice commands, advanced diagnostics, live usage statistics, temperature presets, manual mode technology and more. The ESH is the only mini tank that is compatible with other SMARTHOME technologies such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Download the Eccotemp SMARTHOME app on Google Play or Apple App Store to see all the amazing features.

The ESH is beautifully designed to supply on-demand instant hot water to any faucet or water outlet without the wait while simultaneously integrating with your Smart home products! With its small, compact, and lightweight design, the Eccotemp ESH-4.0 is perfect for both residential, commercial, and industrial use. Eccotemp has utilized advanced engineering and technology to give all users an amazing experience with this product.

With so many uses, the possibilities are endless. This mini tank water heater has been used for food trucks, hand washing stations, utility rooms, under sinks, in RV’s, mobile food carts, offices, and just about anywhere for instant, point-of-use hot water. Skip the wait for hot water at your faucet and let the Eccotemp ESH SMARTHOME Mini Tank Water Heater open a new world of efficiency.

The Patent Pending Eccotemp ESH 4.0 pairs with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to allow smart voice commands such as: “Alexa, turn my Mini up to 110 degrees” or “Hey Google, turn my Mini off.” Use the Eccotemp mobile app to track energy consumption, adjust temperatures or even detect product and network errors. Want to know the actual energy cost when using the Eccotemp ESH SMARTHOME Mini Tank Water Heater? Our mobile app allows you to see real consumption statistics with an associated dollar amount.

This surprisingly affordable Mini Tank Water Heater can supply hot water for up to two sinks or can be plumbed in series with your existing hot water system to ensure instant hot water whenever you need it. With a minimal recovery time of 10-20* minutes, and an energy efficiency recovery rating of 98%, the ESH 4.0 SMARTHOME Mini Tank Water Heater is the most affordable way to get hot water where you need it.

  • Patent Pending, SMARTHOME ready, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Eccotemp SMARTHOME app allows you to adjust temperatures, turn your Mini on/off and access to advanced energy usage statistics using advanced voice controls.
  • Quick recovery rate of 10-20 minutes, adjustable temperature range between 90F and 140F. The maximum tank capacity is 4.0 gallons, heating capacity of 1440 Watts and a 98% energy efficiency recovery rate.
  • Designed to operate at a maximum of 150 psi water pressure. Easy installation allows for the unit to be mounted on a wall or left free-standing and plugs into a standard 110/120v outlet. Uses standard 1/2" NPT Connection.
  • ETL certified for US and Canadian installation in residential and commercial applications. This SMARTHOME mini tank water heater meets and exceeds all efficiency requirements according to the DOE. 
  • Plumb in line with your existing water heater or use with standalone sinks. The ESH 4.0 Gallon SMARTHOME Mini Tank Water Heater is ideal for homes, cottages, kitchenettes, RVs, utility rooms, apartments, condos, and offices.
  • Features manual mode technology for when your network is down. Smart button technology allows for advanced error detection, network connectivity and turning the product on/off, all from a single button.
  • Built in advanced “Product Control Board” with a new easy to access power reset button. Sleek, modern design featuring all glass front panel made of heavy-duty tempered glass. New proprietary preformed internal insulation with ease of access for servicing.
  • Best in class 5-year manufacturer's warranty, live chat, appointments for product support, self-help guides will give you peace of mind that the Eccotemp ESH-4.0 will keep you in hot water for years.


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Product Dimensions: 17.25" x 12.5" x 12.25"

Product Features:   
  • ETL certified   
  • Frustration Free Packaging   
  • Tank Volume: 4.0 gallons
  • Weight (empty): 25 lbs
  • Heating Capacity 1440 Watts   
  • Perfect for stand alone sinks   
  • No need for costly re-circulating lines and pumps     
  • Quick recovery time   
  • Adjustable temperature range 90F to 140F   
  • Voltage 110/120   
  • Runs off 12 AMPS    
  • Standard 1/2" NPT Connections

What's Included: Mounting Bracket & Screws, Eccotemp Branded Bag, T&P valve, User Manual

Product Manuals


Warranty — SmartHome 4.0 Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater with Voice Commands

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Specs — SmartHome 4.0 Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater with Voice Commands

Current Stock:
Condition: New
Map Zone Southern Region, Mid Region, Northern Region
Color Black
Installation Indoor
Applications Apartment/Condo/Townhome
Applications Cabin
Applications Tiny Home
Applications Point Of Use
Applications Office
Applications Salon
Applications Under Sink
Applications Food Truck
Power Type Electric
Dimensions 12.5"x16.5"x12.2
Tank Capacity 4.0 Gallons
GTIN 00850029086017
Condition New

FAQs — SmartHome 4.0 Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater with Voice Commands

Q: What is the max temperature my tankless water heater can achieve?

Answer: The temperature can vary based on the temperature of the incoming water. Each of our tankless water heaters offer at least a 35-40 degree F temperature rise based on the temperature of your incoming water. You will need to adjust the heater to the preferred temperature.

Q: Why do I need to clean my tankless water heater? Is it really necessary?

Answer: Yes. It is important to clean and descale your unit at least every 6 months to maintain its flawless performance. You can use our Eccotemp EZ Flush Descaler Kit. This will get rid of any water scale, lime, or rust deposit buildup in virtually any piece of water based equipment. Your water heater will run the risk of overheating and can deteriorate its effectiveness if you do not keep up with flushing your water heater.

Q: Can my tankless water heater freeze, even if it's installed indoors in a heated space?

Answer: It depends on the model. The L5, L7, L10, i12, FVI12, & iE Series do NOT come with any anti-freezing technology to help prevent freeze damage. This means that even if your i12 for example is installed indoors, it is not protected from freeze damage. The freeze damage can occur from cold air entering the internal chambers of the water heater via the venting. The 45H/HI, EL22/EL22i, 20H/20HI, all come with a built-in anti-freeze technology in the form of heating blocks. In order to ensure these blocks are doing their job, you must keep your water heater plugged in at all times. These blocks help prevent freeze damage to the heat exchanger, but is NOT a guarantee. Proper installation and maintenance must be followed to ensure that your water heater will last as long as possible.

Q: How do I check for Gas leaks?

Answer: After you have your gas connected to your unit, spray some soapy water or Windex sort of mixture on the connection and if you see bubbles, then you have a leak. If no bubbles, you are good to go with no leaks.

Q: Where’s the pilot light in the Eccotemp tankless water heaters? I can’t seem to find it.

Answer: Our products do not have pilot lights. There is an electronic ignition or battery powered ignition depending on the model of the water heater. The unit will ignite when there is hot water being requested of it and it will go out when you're done using the hot water.

Q: Can I convert my Natural Gas tankless water heater to use Liquid Propane instead?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, there are certain parts within each unit that are gas specific and not able to be converted to any other gas type.

Q: What are the clearances for the installation of my water heater?

Answer: The clearances vary depending on the model, but safely should be: At least 1-2 ft on top, 18" minimum at the bottom, 8-10" left and right, 6" from the wall, 2-3 ft from an open window

Q: What are the fittings made of on the water heaters?

Answer: The fittings are made of steel and all have external threads.

Q: Can I use PVC pipe for my venting?

Answer: Using any other material than what is recommended by CSA standards will void your warranty. You must use Stainless Steel Category II venting.